In recent years, the role of human resources within companies has profoundly changed. If in the past, in fact, these figures were required specific skills and mainly related to the management and professional development of employees, today this role must necessarily include a mix of transversal, “digitized” techniques and “skills”, which draw on to the most diverse sectors and areas . As the founder of Aptitude Research Madeline Laurano maintains, “companies are becoming increasingly strategic in the way they think about recruiting, because they must be able to guarantee an efficient and profiled acquisition of talents “.

This is why today we talk about recruitment marketing. To indicate, in fact, all those techniques and strategies that are put in place to find, attract and involve talents, using the tools of marketing.

How? Here are some examples:

The storytelling of your company

People love stories: because it makes them feel connected, involved. Companies must, therefore “tell” themselves with an authentic and convincing story. And storytelling is the best strategy to do this, because an impactful and well-written story allows recruiters to increase the level of “emotional connection” with potential candidates.

Put your current employees at the center of your story; make them brand ambassadors; add photos, testimonials, statements, and tell all the benefits of working with you.

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Don’t underestimate the customer journey

The employee’s journey to reach you is comparable to the navigation path that a user takes online before the so-called “conversion”, that is, before reaching the goal of your acquisition campaign. So there is first the knowledge of the product, in this case of your company, through the job offer and the information you share via social media and website. Then follow the job interviews and the evaluation of your offer. The outcome? It will largely depend on you.

For this, it is important to guarantee the candidate, from the first contact with you, a pleasant and rewarding candidate experience.

Optimize your job search with a dedicated SEO strategy

Identify the most important keywords for the description of the job offer and use the terms that a probable candidate might type during his search. In order not to be mistaken, first brainstorm with your colleagues and use free online tools to identify the list of possible keywords useful for your research. Remember that the description of the job posting must be very specific: avoid, for example, generic job names or standard terminologies. Enter sectoral words (for example types of software, technical skills, work tools, etc.). The more accurate and “personalized” the description of the offer, the easier it will be to find a candidate that suits your needs.

To facilitate this process of matching between the ad and the candidate, technology comes to your aid. Jobrapido provides Programmatic Recruitment and its proprietary Smart Intuition TechnologyTM. A solution that combines taxonomy and artificial intelligence to automatically match open positions with the most targeted candidates.

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