With the holidays approaching, recruiting and human resources professionals find themselves having to manage an intense demand for seasonal hires. In particular, in all those companies that operate in retail, hospitality, customer service, distribution, logistics, agriculture, e-commerce and catering.

Find out all the tips for hiring in the sales and commercial world.

And since these requests are often urgent or involve a high volume of recruitment, companies must be able to meet this demand without compromising the quality of staff.

This is why it is essential to plan your seasonal hires in advance and to implement a clear and targeted recruiting strategy that will help you find, in a short time, the best candidates for your company. Such as? Starting with these tips.

Play early

Don’t let your competitors steal talent (who will also be on the hunt for seasonal workers). Define an effective hiring timing in advance and start your research at least 1-2 months before the so-called seasonal “peak”.

Clearly communicate the terms of seasonal hiring

Try to be clear and detailed in the job description about the times, roles and tasks you are looking for, making it clear that you are hiring for temporary positions. In this way, you will attract people in line with these positions, such as students, recent graduates and anyone who is currently looking for a fixed-term job.

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Make the evaluation process and onboarding faster and more efficient

The “seasonal candidates” are in great demand by companies in this period of the year: so if you don’t want to lose the “best in the market”, speed up the entire recruiting process. How? Managing all communications and pre-selection phases; implementing automated scheduling to more easily coordinate interviews and also evaluating remote training.

To trust the tools of programmatic recruiting

Using data and technology is certainly the best way to optimize the seasonal hiring process. For example, through a profiled promotion of job offers, which makes it easier to reach a targeted audience and with the specific skills you need. Or, through an analysis of the volumes and data of previous seasonal hires, which can help you implement a more effective strategy.

In the field of programmatic recruiting, Jobrapido offers innovative tools such as Smart Intuition TechnologyTM, the proprietary technology that uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, together with taxonomy. A tool, as stated by Rob Brouwer, CEO of Jobrapido, which is a real innovation: “The application of AI technologies and programmatic adv in the recruiting sector makes it possible to connect job offers with perfect candidates to fill that position “.

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