Sales agents, sales technicians, export managers, sales accounts, sales assistants. The search for commercial profiles is always very high, as are the volumes of searches for these job positions (especially in particular periods of the year, such as holidays).

Implementing an effective and conscious recruiting strategy, therefore, becomes essential for every recruiter, who must take into account a number of non-negligible aspects. First, it is important to remember that hiring in sales is not a one-time activity, but rather a continuous, demanding process, as retention of these professional figures in companies are generally low. Research by The Bridge Group speaks of an annual turnover of around 20% (which can reach 34%).

HR professionals must therefore take a versatile and proactive approach to continuously engage and recruit the best candidates with the right skills to fill these roles. And even if there is no “silver bullet” method, which is equally effective for all companies, it is possible to develop a targeted and structured hiring strategy. Here are some tips:

The search never stops

Don’t interrupt your scouting. The market is extremely competitive and it is not always easy to recruit a workforce. So do not reduce yourself to the last moment or only when you have an urgent need to hire.

Sales qualities that matter

The CV is not enough. According to Business News Daily, we need to evaluate “potential talents, those who have the desire and the ability to do things”. But also obviously the candidates’ sales-oriented skills and their knowledge of the market. The Harvard Business School conducted research and found that the best-performing salespeople had some character traits in common, such as:

21 Skills Every Business Development Pro Should Have (or Work on)

  • advanced communication skills. Therefore, the ability to clearly convey the message to the customer to be able to sell the product or service;
  • personality-oriented towards achievement and success. It means that talented salespeople have great willpower along with well-trained self-discipline;
  • mastery and situational dominance. That is, “a strategy of personal interaction, typical of this profession, with which the customer accepts the advice of the seller and follows his advice”.

In addition, the best sellers must have a proactive mindset, a competitive personality, resourcefulness, perseverance, empathy, attention to detail and a willingness to take the initiative.

Find the seller’s DNA

If you manage to set up a targeted, “tailor-made” interview, you will already be halfway there. Focus on behavioral and situational issues. Ask questions like: “ Tell me about a sales opportunity you missed? What would you do differently now? Give me an example of a creative way you closed a sale. How do you prepare for presentations? “, Etc.

Are you familiar with the assessment tools?

Combining screening and interviews with assessment sessions is the best way to assess candidates’ sales skills. Then evaluate the use of tools such as the TriMetrix sales assessment, the Objective Management Group (OMG) sales assessment or, during the interview, test the candidate with a simulation of a typical situation that can happen in the future.

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