Over the past decade, an increasingly dynamic and changing manufacturing sector has placed human resources professionals in the face of difficult challenges. And despite the widespread belief that jobs in this field are disappearing, many companies are faced with the problem of talent shortages. In fact, this sector, constantly reshaped by technological advances, struggles to find new qualified workers to fill the many open positions.

What is behind the difficulties of recruiting?

Today, companies try to find the balance between a skilled workforce and the needs of the new generations of workers, who have a very different approach to work and corporate culture. At the same time, as emphasized by Oracle, ” the rise of Industry 4.0 will see roles change as companies increasingly adopt new automated processes. This will inevitably force us to recruit new employees with strong technological and digital skills, all in the face of a growing skills gap “.

And since the difficulty in hiring new staff and the high turnover rates in the manufacturing sector can deeply damage the productivity of companies, it is essential to know how to hire stable and qualified employees: because only well-trained employees can propose innovative solutions and valuable.

But how to do it right? Here are some tips:

Pay attention to the job descriptions and reconsider your digital strategy

Millennials do a lot of research on companies before applying: they read the job posting carefully and inquire about the company website and social media channels to evaluate the job they are applying for. That is why it is important to create interesting content using storytelling techniques. How? Using multimedia content; telling employee stories and highlighting corporate culture, benefits and growth paths. Optimize your job advertisements with keywords and for SEO. Attract candidates with accurate and consistent job descriptions.

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Show your interest in investing in people: highlight training opportunities

According to SHRM magazine, “ to attract and retain young workers with the right skills, many manufacturing companies aim to offer more than just jobs ”. So don’t forget to include information about training courses, new skills that employees can acquire in your announcements.

Try to make jobs that traditionally aren’t more flexible

The balance between work and private life and flexibility are considered the key factors by the new generations of workers. Production, on the other hand, is usually associated with long fixed hours and mandatory shifts. To appeal to millennials and even Generation Z, you’ll need to think about how to address this issue and ensure more flexibility.

Use the latest solutions for talent acquisition

Reaching the right candidates is the real challenge for recruiters today: making ads visible to a profiled target of users, in line with the search terms.

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