Recruiters and human resources professionals are used to a targeted, specific selection of personnel that leads to one or more open positions within the company. However, in particular moments or situations, the need may arise for a radical change in the workforce that leads to the implementation of a process called High Volume Recruiting, or a ” high-intensity recruiting “. What is meant by this term?

The term refers to the process of hiring a large number of employees in a short time. A dynamic that mainly affects sectors such as retail and hospitality (especially for the so-called “seasonal work”), where the amount of hiring increases drastically during holiday periods, when a company grows very quickly or for the opening of new stores.

Other examples of “high intensity recruiting” concern: the transport sector (due to the need for frequent turnover), gig economy companies specialized in food delivery (constantly looking for delivery staff), and agencies that deal with events, security, hostesses and catering.

How do you manage this process? First of all, it is essential to have a High Volume Recruiting strategy that allows you to hire a large number of qualified personnel, without losing sight of the company objectives. But above all, carefully consider the risks. “High-intensity recruiting” is a real challenge for human resources because:

  • There is a disproportion between the urgency to find staff and the time required for selection;
  • It remains necessary to maintain a high quality in the selection process and in the candidate experience.

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So here are some valuable tips for implementing this particular form of recruiting :

Prepare an effective hiring plan

In short, you’ll have to anticipate. Clearly define the number of positions that need to be filled, key competencies and deadlines. Also consider the preventive opening of a database from which to draw to optimize recruitment times.

Simplify the screening phase

Remember that when it comes to “high-intensity recruiting”, technology is a valuable ally. Bryan Pearson, on Forbes, has no doubts about the effective use of an AI, which can “drastically reduce recruiting times and facilitate the selection of candidates suited to specific needs “. In this, Smart Intuition Technology ™ comes to your aid: Jobrapido’s intelligent technology to automate and optimize the recruiting process in a very short time , favoring the choice of the best candidate according to your needs.

Optimize Application Forms

Responding to a job posting needs to be quick, straightforward, but most of all effective. Numerous researches have in fact established that, when an application takes more than 15 minutes, the percentages of completion of the application are reduced by 360%. It is therefore important that your web interfaces provide information on what you are looking for in a simple, fast and immediate way.

Work hard on your reputation

Having a strong employer brand today is key to getting the best candidates. For this it is necessary to build a strong and attractive image of your company : take care of your website and social networks, observe how your company is perceived externally, promote effective advocacy policies to increase and improve your reputation .

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