Arriving at a new job to start a new professional experience can be both challenging and tense at the same time. A newly hired employee, in fact, already knows that he will have to meet his future colleagues and managers, familiarize himself with a new boss, settle in a new location, take on new responsibilities and adapt to a new corporate culture.

Facilitating this phase of employee entry (which lasts 90 days and is defined by employees with the term onboarding ) is therefore essential. Both to give a good first impression of the company, and because it is a crucial moment in an employee’s life-cycle , which will allow him to immediately start building a stable and lasting work situation. As experts say, in fact, ” the onboarding of an employee goes beyond mere orientation. The ultimate goal is to reduce turnover and encourage workers to stay in the company for a long time. It is a long and structured process, which starts right from the recruitment stages “.

Prepare the arrival of a new employee in advance

The induction and welcome phase must be prepared carefully and in advance. And small precautions count, especially at this stage: send new employees a welcome note via email. In the text, you could also share an orientation program of the first week with all training courses, meetings, and useful information to better face the entry into the company.

Another step to take in advance is to involve the team and colleagues to ensure that the new employee immediately feels in a friendly and welcoming environment. It may be useful in these cases to assign the employee a tutor or a person from the company who can assist him in his first weeks.

Don’t forget to set up your desk with all the tools you need to get started (a phone, laptop, a list of company contacts and e-mail addresses). Also leave an agenda, pens, a company brochure, an organization chart, a welcome letter from the CEO and, why not, also a map of the refreshment points near the office.

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The first day of work is never forgotten

Don’t be caught unprepared when the new employee arrives. Break the ice with a chat, a tour of the offices, and do not miss the official introductions. Both to the colleagues who will work with him/her, through a small welcome moment, and to the whole company, by e-mail or intranet.

The next step is to ensure targeted training that makes the employee aware of his responsibilities, informs him about the colleagues he will work with (names, roles, tasks, hierarchy), the tools he will have available, the mission and company objectives, etc. Be ready and prepared to answer all possible doubts or questions: from the dress code to the forms, from the company policy to the most personal requests.

It can also be a good idea to organize an informal lunch, perhaps involving managers, team members or workmates. Definitely, a favorable opportunity to meet and stimulate team building.

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