We all hope for a quick return to our days marked by more or less consolidated and socializing routines, but those who have the opportunity to work from home will probably have to wait even longer before returning to the pre-lockdown days.

The country’s economy must restart step by step, giving priority to activities that have had a sharp block in productivity and their profitability.

After almost two months, however, even those who have been luckier and have been able to continue their work from home can feel discouraged and dejected, especially if they do not yet perceive as close your return to the coveted normality.

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Here are 6 useful tips to keep motivation high:

1 . Wake up on time

The journey from your bed to your workstation certainly does not allow you to recover from the torpor of your sweet sleep, so set the alarm in advance, treat yourself to an energizing shower, a rich breakfast and don’t waste time. Start your day by focusing on your personal goals  and challenge yourself to achieve them.

2. Imagine you are in the office

Every day, take care of yourself as if you were on your way to the office. Don’t get lazy and, at least during working hours, ban overalls, slippers or pajamas. Dressing and preparing as you usually do to go to the office will help your brain perceive what you are about to start as a full-fledged working day.

3. Structure your days in the best possible way

Create a calendar of the activities to be carried out and respect the established times, including breaks. Alternate repetitive activities, or in which you are very confident, with any projects to start or more complex or creative tasks. This will help your mind stay active and more awake.

4. Choose a work station

If you can, identify and appropriate a special space in the house to dedicate to your work, preferably a place extraneous to the environments typically linked to the idea of ​​relaxation, such as the bedroom or living room (never work on the sofa, for example!). It will help you concentrate and focus better on your work. Nor do you forget the importance of a comfortable and functional position, for the benefit of your neck.

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5. Take some “real” breaks

Give yourself some real breaks, away from the screen of your PC, tablet or TV. Rest your eyes and free your mind, call a friend, drink a coffee while chatting with those at home. These will be real distractions and will help you really regain focus.

6. Deepen your networking skills

Use the tools made available by your company to discuss with your colleagues, stay updated on the progress of projects through recurring meetings, activate your webcams and interact with your team hands-free, rather than exclusively via e-mail. It will remind you that you are part of a group that you will soon be interacting with in person again.

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