Throwing your hat in the air on stage is a moment of celebration to be enjoyed but, after graduation, you will still have a long way to go to take the path that will lead you to fill the position you want.

Find out the best ways to increase your employment opportunities and how to seize the ones that best suit your future career:

Present yourself at your best

Develop your CV, cover letters, update your profile on social networks, eliminating what may be inconvenient and not in line with your career expectations.

Pay close attention to the presentation you make of yourself, all these elements make up your business card and characterize you in the eyes of recruiters.


People with experience are often sought in job advertisements. But how can you gain experience without finding a job? The truth is, you could have accumulated some while studying through internships and volunteer activities. However, it is never too late and you can start right away to increase some soft skills useful for your future job.

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Work on Soft Skills

Soft skills are becoming as popular as your university degree. If you are not good at communicating in front of an audience, lack leadership or need to work on conflict management or teamwork, invest the time to improve these aspects. You can read various books, also attend specific training courses, but it is always better to start actively practicing these soft skills. You don’t need a work environment to develop these skills, you can also practice with friends and family.

Start connecting

Responding to job advertisements is not the only activity on the to-do list. It is also necessary to connect with the contacts of your sector through the network, especially with the use of social media. This also means participating in web-conferences and events, which increases the opportunities to meet companies, environments and above all the right people who can notice your courage and determination in showing you on these occasions even if you are not yet concretely employed in the sector. / p>

Manage your expectations

Make sure you have realistic expectations for your first role after graduation. Just because you have some experience you will not immediately become the most valuable employee in a company. Also in economic terms, do not rush, many graduates expect a salary that is not in line with the company budgets set up for young people entering the company.

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