Remote work is not just an opportunity, a benefit that many companies have already included in their offer. Now more than ever could become an organizational solution that companies, both Big companies and SMEs, could adopt permanently as a strategy.

Never as today, in fact, this way of working has emerged as an opportunity in the eyes of all, employers and workers, who have organized themselves to face the state of emergency linked to the Corona Virus. Thanks to working from home, many companies have actually survived the total block of activities, guaranteeing continuity and stability to the business and its workers.

What should we expect for the future?

According to a study conducted by Tito Boeri, economist and former INPS president, 24% of the national workforce can potentially be employed in a remote working regime . Even those who have never experienced this possibility have understood the enormous advantages of working from home; employers seem inclined to evaluate more and more positively the reduction of costs and the greater flexibility that this organization grants them and for the workers the advantages are innumerable and aimed at a clear improvement of the balance between private and working spheres , so much so that, today for most, it is difficult to think of a return to the “past” full of dead times spent in traffic queues or on public transport.

Whether it’s in the future of all of us or just a few, looking for a job to do from home today can be easier . Those who are currently looking for new opportunities, who must necessarily combine family needs that become increasingly urgent, also due to the consequences of the virus on the school world and the welfare system, can count on a greater number of offers and the introduction and dissemination of methods of selection remote selection.

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So here are the top 5 jobs if you want to work from home:

1 Customer Service Officer

Online services, first of all purchases and deliveries, increasingly require personnel assigned to telephone customer assistance. All you need is a good internet connection and a space dedicated to you inside the house . You will find different levels of flexibility and autonomy and different contractual proposals. These are opportunities that require a high level of soft skills, essential in the daily challenge of customer management.

2 Data entry

The data entry activity is another of those tasks that can be carried out quietly and daily from home. Usually it is an occupation with a high level of autonomy and flexibility, which are well suited to any personal commitments (study, family, or relevant personal activities), otherwise incompatible with the work model of traditional office.

3 Translator / language teacher

In an increasingly global economy, having excellent language skills will guarantee you a job wherever you are . Being a translator allows you to work in different fields and for multiple sectors: what you need is precision, analytical skills, attention and discretion to be reserved for each client. If, on the other hand, you prefer to teach, there are many e-learning applications where you can direct real classes of remote students.

4 Programmer/Developer

In the IT and Technology field, programming tasks, both back-end and front-end, increasingly see the adoption of technologies to integrate teams also located in different territories. Whether you are a Java, PHP programmer or a tester, in addition to your skills and passion, you will only need the right offer.

5 Social Media Manager / Blogger

Companies all over the world, regardless of size, use social channels to promote their image and their services/products. The management of profiles and communication on the public channels of companies, as well as the techniques for maintaining a blog and for writing effective articles, require specific training and continuous updating. Don’t worry, the training you need to optimize your career path also boasts excellent online solutions. Whether you want to work from home or live like a digital nomad, these positions perfectly meet your need for autonomy and freedom.

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