During an interview, the screening of a CV, the evaluation of a candidate in a group test, there are mainly two types of skills that guide the choice of a recruiter or an expert in human resources: hard skills and soft skills. And if the latter, as we have seen, are “transversal” skills of a cognitive-relational nature and an integral part of the very character of a person (therefore knowledge, skills, personal gifts, attitudes, character predispositions), the “hard” ones, on the other hand, they have to do with all those technical skills that can be learned, tested and demonstrated. Tangible skills, therefore, essential to assess your suitability to fill a specific role.

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Today there are hard skills that, with the advent of new technologies and the radical change of many work environments and business models, have become indispensable and required in every area or sector. And that can make a difference in your career.

Which ones? We have selected the most important for you.

7 reasons to learn a foreign language

Knowledge of one or more foreign languages ​​

If knowledge of English, even if only elementary, is now the prerogative of any job or profession, there are more and more companies that require broader language skills. Especially in those sectors that focus on international markets, such as tourism, import-export, transport and consultancy.

Among the most popular languages ​​today, there are, in order: French, Spanish, German, Arabic, Chinese and Russian.

Knowledge of software and programming languages ​​

HTML , CSS , and Javascript. Do you know what they are? They are among the most common and widespread programming languages ​​today. Which, if until a few years ago, were the prerogative of programmers and workers in the IT world, today they are also required in other sectors, such as communication, customer service and accounting. Just as the mastery of content management, programming and data analysis tools is increasingly sought. Among them: WordPress, Google Analytics, HootSuite, Business Manager.

Analysis and interpretation of data

The ability to read and manage the amount of information and data we come into contact with every day has become a real distinctive element in a constantly evolving world of work. Not only. It is also important to understand what lies behind that data, what situations it can portend, what scenarios it can lead to, how to make the most of it for your work and professional goals.

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Project management and people management

From overseeing all aspects of a project to managing small teams or junior figures, the corporate world is slowly abandoning a top-down “command and control” model in favor of leadership shared, from below, thanks to the involvement of intermediate figures able to educate, involve and enhance their colleagues. For this reason, project management and people management are among the hard skills most requested by the job market today.